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Approved CDA Trainers, Director's Trainers and Better Brains for Babies Trainers
Quality Rated Training Topics--QR

ABC's of the CDA 1 Hour

All About Child Abuse & Neglect 2 Hours

Appreciating Diversity 2 Hours    QR

Art: More Than Painting & Drawing 2 Hours

Assessments & Observations 2 Hours

Boys Will Be Boys 2 Hours

Building Children's Self-Esteem 2 Hours

Building Family Relationships 2 Hours

Childhood Nutrition Part 1 2 Hours

Childhood Nutrition Part 2 2 Hours

Computer Basics     2 Hours

Cooking Activities 1-2-3           2 Hours

Creating A CDA Professional Portfolio     2 Hours

Creating A Nurturing Infant & Toddler Program 3 Hours

Creativity Counts 3 Hours 

Curriculum 2 Hours

Developmentally Appropriate Practices 2 Hours

Doing the Right Thing: Ethical Behavior 2 Hours

Dramatic Play 2 Hours

Equality for All  2 Hours   QR

Fun With Fingerplays 1 Hour

Germs, Bumps & Bruises, Oh My! Part 1 2 hours

Germs, Bumps & Bruises, Oh My! Part 2 2 hours

Getting Families Involved 1 Hour

Grading Your Classroom: Understanding the Environment Rating Scale 3 Hours    QR

Hands-On Activities 2 Hour

Healthy Mealtimes 2 Hours

Helping Children To Cope With Disasters 2 Hours

Hot Summer Fun 2 Hours

Inclusion    2 Hours      QR

Keeping It Professional!  2 Hours

Keeping Parent's Informed: Using Written Communication 2 Hours

Learning Styles

Lesson Plans That Work 2 Hours

Let's Get Physical 2 Hours

Let's Talk: How to Communicate With Parents & Co-workers 3 Hours

Little Scientists 2 Hours

Magical Music     2 Hours

Managing Behavior 3 Hours 

New Teacher 101 3 Hours

No More Bandages  2 Hours

One Child, Two Languages: Working With Dual-Language Learners  2 Hours        QR

Play Experiences 2 Hours

Potty-Training Basics 2 Hours

Preparing Your QR Portfolio  3 Hours       QR

Preschool Math Mania 2 Hours

Preventing Burnout 2 Hours

Promoting Professionalism (D) 2 Hours

Reaching and Teaching Boys    2 Hours

Seasonal Art Activities 2 Hours

Setting-Up Your Classroom The Right Way 2 Hours

Special Needs In The Classroom     2 Hours

Stages of Development     2 Hours

SuperVision    2 Hours

Teaching Bootcamp  6 Hours

Teaching Children To Read           3  Hours

The Great Outdoors      2 Hours

The Teachers Role In Play        2 Hours

Theories of Teaching             2 Hours

There's No I In Team    2 Hours

Understanding The Environment Rating Scale      2 Hours

Using Portfolios To Show Progress         2 Hours

We also offer:
120-hr. CDA Course
45-hr. CDA Renewal
20-hr. Infant & Toddler Course

Administration (Director's) Training Topics

40-Hour Director's Training Class 

Creating A Caring & Cooperative Staff     2 Hours

Emergency Preparedness       2 Hours

Food Program Planning        2 Hours

Promoting Professionalism           2 Hours

Maryland State Department of Education Approved
Fostering Creativity In The Classroom 3 Hours CK-Curriculum
Using The Environment Rating Scale 3 Hours CK-Professionalism
9-Hour Communication Course 

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