Training Topics

Quality Rated Training Topics--QR

ABC's of the CDA 1 Hour
Develop an understanding of the steps necessary to obtain a Child Development Associate Credential.

All About Child Abuse & Neglect 2 Hours
This workshop will help child care professionals to understand reporting procedures and requirements and to be able to recognize the signs and symptoms of abuse.

Appreciating Diversity 2 Hours    QR
Identify ways to make changes in your classroom that helps build children's self-esteem by making them aware and accepting of the differences that exist in our society.

Art: More Than Painting & Drawing 2 Hours
Develop an understanding of the benefits of art activities, materials that are essential, ways teachers can promote 
art and include students with special needs in art programs.

Assessments & Observations 2 Hours
Your classroom lessons should be based upon meeting the needs of the students in your classroom. This workshop will teach
 you how to conduct observations and assessments to meet the needs of your students.

Boys Will Be Boys 2 Hours
As early childhood educators, it is essential that you are aware of the biological differences in boys that affects how you
 should teach them and how they learn and interact with others.

Building Children's Self-Esteem 2 Hours
Learn how to promote the children in your programs social and emotional development by building their self-esteem.
Building Family Relationships 2 Hours
In this workshop participants will learn how to develop productive relationships with families.n this workshop participants will learn how to develop productive relationships with families.

Creating A CDA Professional Portfolio     2 Hours
Discover how to properly compile your CDA Professional Portfolio to be able to earn your CDA credential.

Creating A Nurturing Infant & Toddler Program 3 Hours
A nurturing infant and toddler program ensures that the highest quality of care is being given to the children in your care. Participants will learn the components of a nurturing environment.

Creativity Counts 3 Hours 
You will learn about ways to promote creativity in your child care setting, as well as materials that can be used to promote creativity.

Curriculum 2 Hours
A curriculum is a blueprint for your classroom, it dictates what you will teach and how you will teach. Learn how to create a developmentally appropriate curriculum that promotes every area of development.

Developmentally Appropriate Practices 2 Hours
Participants will develop an understanding of developmentally appropriate practices that should be implemented in the classroom.

Doing the Right Thing: Ethical Behavior 2 Hours
Within the early childhood field your behavior should be dictated by the Code of Ethics. Learn how this code will help you to decide the right thing to do in any situation.
Dramatic Play 2 Hours
The development of children is greatly enhanced by a high-quality dramatic play center. This workshop will help you to understand what children learn, how they learn and the materials you should provide.
Fun with Fingerplays 1 Hour
Fingerplays are beneficial and essential for any age-group. Learn how to do fingerplays with your class and learn age-appropriate fingerplays.
 Germs, Bumps & Bruises, Oh My! Part 1      2 hours
Do you know how to keep your students safe and healthy? Find out how to prevent illnesses by utilizing good hygiene and cleaning procedures. This training fulfills the two hours required by Georgia for disease control.
Germs, Bumps & Bruises, Oh My! Part 2    2 hours
Do you know how to keep your students safe and healthy? Find out how to prevent injuries and accidents and how to deal with emergencies. This training fulfills the two hours required by Georgia for injury control.
Getting Families Involved 1 Hour
Develop a plan to include family members in your program and build relationships that will benefit your child care program.

Grading Your Classroom: Understanding the Environment Rating Scale 3 Hours    QR
This training will introduce participants to the Environment Rating Scale Tool and help participants to gain an understanding of the four tools used, the different areas measured by the Environment Rating Scale and the scoring scale used.

Hands-On Activities 2 Hour
Workbooks and dittoes are not developmentally appropriate for early childhood programs. You will learn how to make teaching fun by offering hands-on educational activities to teach any topic.

Healthy Mealtimes 2 Hours
Participants will be able to identify ways to promote healthy mealtimes in early childhood programs.

Helping Children to Cope With Disasters 2 Hours
Learn how you can make a difference in the future of your students by providing them with the help that they need to deal with a difficult situation or tragedy.
Hot Fun in the Summertime  2 Hours
The school year has ended, do you know what to do with your class? Learn how to have hot summer fun with age-appropriate activities.
Keeping It Professional   2 Hours
Learn the key principles of professionalism in the field of early childhood.

Keeping Parent's Informed: Using Written
Communication 2 Hours
This workshop will help child care professionals to develop an understanding of appropriate written communication skills necessary when working in

Inclusion    2 Hours   (QR)
Discover ways to promote inclusion and make modifications to accommodate differing abilities.

Learning Styles
Children learn differently. Learn how to identify the learning style of each child in your classroom and the most effective way to teach them.

Lesson Plans That Work 2 Hours
Do you know how to write a developmentally appropriate lesson plan that will provide your students with engaging activities? Find out how to create lesson plans that really work.

Let's Get Physical 2 Hours
Develop an understanding of how children benefit from physical development activities.

Let's Talk: How to Communicate With Parents & Co-workers 3 Hours
Topics for this training include: speaking, and interpersonal communication strategies to be used when communicating with parents, co-workers and the public.

Little Scientists 2 Hours
Learn how to create a high-quality science program and how to make your own science activities.

Managing Behavior 2 Hours
In this workshop you will discuss behavioral problems that you experience in your classroom and developmentally appropriate ways to manage behavior.

One Child, Two Languages   2 Hours
Participants will learn how to provide a supporting, stimulating, and equitable educational environment for dual-language learners.

No More Bandages   2 Hours
Most injuries are preventable with supervision.  Discover ways you can prevent the majority of the injuries that occur in your program.

Play Experiences 2 Hours
Develop an understanding of why play is so crucial for children and how children learn through play.

Potty-Training Basics 2 Hours
Potty-training requires patience. You will learn tips that will assist you in helping your students to achieve potty-training success.

Preschool Math Mania 2 Hours
You will develop an understanding of math concepts that can benefit preschool students and activities and materials that can be utilized in the classroom.

Preventing Burnout 2 Hours
Childcare is a rewarding, sometimes stressful job. Discover ways to overcome stress and prevent burnout.

Safe Transportation   2 Hours
Participants will be able to identify practices to safely transport children and to follow BFTS transportation rules.

Seasonal Art Activities 2 Hours
In this interactive hands-on training you will learn art activities to use throughout the school year that will reinforce your seasonal themes.

Stages of Development 2 Hours
In order to plan age-appropriate activities you must be aware of the stages of development. This training helps you to become aware of the developmental milestones of children.

SUPERVision    2 Hours
Develop an understanding of the appropriate way to supervise children to keep them safe.

Teaching Children to Read 3 Hours
This workshop will explore what a literacy-rich environment looks like, as well as experiences that develop emergent literacy behaviors.

Technology In The Classroom
Participants will develop an understanding of ways to use technology appropriately in an early childhood program.

The Great Outdoors 2 Hours
In this workshop participants will learn about the benefits of outdoor play and ways to encourage and enhance play in the great outdoors.

The Teachers Role in Play 2 Hours
Supervision is more than simply watching children play. In order to promote learning through play, identify the three roles you should play when teaching.

Theories of Teaching 2 Hours
Learn about different theories that will help you to identify how you should work with children today.
Administration (Director's) Training Topics
40-Hour Director Training Course
Develop an understanding of the duties child care center director and how to manage an efficient child care facility.

Creating A Caring & Cooperative Staff 2 Hours
This workshop will provide you with skills to promote team building and conflict resolution in order to transform employees into caring and cooperative staff members.

Emergency Preparedness 2 Hours
Every childcare program should have an emergency preparedness program in order to be proactive and plan for anything that could happen. You will learn what should be included in your plan and how to write an effective plan your staff can follow.

Food Program Planning 2 Hours
Are you looking for an effective way to shop and purchase food for your childcare program? Identify new food that you can serve in your program and promote the nutritional well-being of your students.
Preparing Your QR Portfolio 2 Hours
Participants will receive assistance navigating through the QR Portfolio in order to earn a higher score.

Promoting Professionalism 2 Hours
Are you really promoting a professional image in your organization? This class will focus on key principles of professionalism in the field of early childhood.

The Business of Family Childcare 2 Hours
Discover how to create and enforce contracts and policies for your family child care program.
We also offer:
• 6-hr Teaching Bootcamp   (New Teacher Orientation)
•120-hr. CDA Course
• 45-hr. CDA Renewal
• 20-hr. Infant & Toddler Course
• 20-hr. School-Age Training Course